Measures ordered to shield against heatwave -

Measures ordered to shield against heatwave

Measures ordered to shield against heatwave
Measures ordered to shield against heatwave / eurokinissi

With the first major heatwave of the summer expected this week to sizzle pockets of the country with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius, the government has decreed a rash of urgent measures.

The Ministry of Education has issued a circular to all schools outlining measures to shield students from the upcoming heatwave. The measures are directed at both educators and parents, aiming to prevent health issues due to high temperatures and sun exposure during breaks and physical education classes.


On Monday, an emergency teleconference was held at the Ministry of Health to discuss protective measures for citizens in anticipation of the heatwave.

General safety guidelines issued include:

Staying in air-conditioned spaces.

Wearing light and comfortable clothing in light colors made from porous materials to facilitate body ventilation and sweat evaporation.

Using hats made from materials that allow head ventilation.

Wearing dark or tinted sunglasses with lenses that protect against solar radiation.

Avoiding sun exposure, especially for infants and the elderly.

Refraining from heavy physical labor.

Avoiding long trips on public transportation without air conditioning.

Ensuring good functioning of air conditioning on public transport for better service to the public.

Taking several lukewarm showers throughout the day and applying cool patches to the head and neck.


Consuming small, light meals low in fats, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

Drinking plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices), particularly for infants and the elderly, and avoiding alcohol. If sweating is excessive, it is recommended to take small doses of salt.

Individuals with chronic diseases should consult their doctors for additional instructions tailored to their condition and for guidance on possible changes to their medication dosage.

Ensuring that the elderly are not left alone but have someone available for their daily care.

Workplaces must have air conditioning units or simple fans, preferably ceiling fans, and in any case, natural ventilation. The same applies to institutions caring for newborns, infants, children, the elderly, and people with special needs.

Several municipalities have issued decisions to keep schools shut until the heatwave subsides or operate on a special schedule.

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